How Are Educational Toys Effective On Children’s Development?


Children begin to observe and explore their environment from infancy. Educational Toys are also the biggest helpers of children in this process. In this way, they learn faster and permanently and improve their skills. Although most people see toys as just a means of entertainment for children, experts talk about the importance of learning through play in the Children Development.

Educational Toys for Kids are more than entertaining; they are tools that arouse interest, satisfy their curiosity and help them develop their skills.

Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Toys used for learning purposes are educational toys.



What are the Benefits?

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills of Children.
  • Helps Them Solve Problems
  • Develops Imagination
  • Increases Their Creativity
  • Improves Language Skills
  • Teaches Sharing


Parents should choose the most suitable toys for their children's age range from toys designed in all styles and shapes.

While sensory games are more beneficial in children aged 1-24 months, physical games gain more functionality in children aged +2.

 Between 1-24 months;

Large colorful toys that stimulate the child's senses make them more active and improve their hand-eye coordination. Children establish cause-effect relationships as they explore problem-solving toys. Thus, their self-confidence develops.

As they get a little older, toys that provide balance and coordination will be more helpful in arousing their curiosity, as well as visually themed play sets and books will further strengthen perception and memory.


 +2 years old;

Since children over the age of 2 will be more active, physical complex games will be more beneficial. Especially when choosing toys for children in this age range, parents should choose toys that will help their children develop their cognitive abilities and practice their writing and drawing. Educational Wooden Toys can be the perfect choice to develop their creativity and socialize.


In addition, the preference for visual books will increase the interaction with the environment by enabling the child to associate the object with the sound.

If you are looking for simple, interactive and Montessori-inspired Toys for your children to develop their mental skills, you are in the right place.

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